List of Possible On-Air Personalities for Your Broadcast (More Available)

Conor Clingen, ESPN+
Mark Carman, WGN Radio
Joe Brand, WGN Radio
Karli Bell, Marquee Sports Network
Peg Kusinski, ESPN 1000

Dionne Miller, ABC Chicago
Alexis Downie, Watch Stadium
Kyle Smith, FloSports
Tim McKinney, WCIU
Jason Shaver, Chicago Wolves

Max Thoma, ESPN+
Brendan King, ESPN Indianapolis

Emily Ehman, Big Ten Network
Kara Lentz, Big Ten Network



Live or On Demand


Can't make the BIG game?  Sports Broadcast Solutions can broadcast the events and upload to Social Media accounts, so you never have to miss a game!  Includes one professional broadcast quality pre-game and post-game interview from each team.

Highlight & Recruiting Videos


Looking to attract colleges?  Sports Broadcast Solutions can put together the appropriate highlight and recruiting reel to showcase your abilities.  Complete with video highlights and professional broadcast quality commentary and/or music.​

Kayla Agoranos
Kayla Agoranos

Highlight Video

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Harper College Volleyball
Harper College Volleyball

Team Photo

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Harper College Volleyball
Harper College Volleyball

Video Director

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Kayla Agoranos
Kayla Agoranos

Highlight Video

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GOLD Package


All-Encompassing Play-by-Play Commentary: $400-500 ($600-700 for a four-person crew)

+ $50 Surcharge if using your own channel



  • Everything included, especially color commentary.

  • Unlimited advertising solutions.
  • Pre and post-game interviews included at no additional fee.

  • Play-by-play commentary highlight reel at no additional fee. 

  • Multiple camera angles available upon request.

  • Filmed in SD, HD, and 4K.

SILVER Package


Team/Player Highlight Reels: $250-350

+ $50 Surcharge if using your own channel



  • Raw footage-live stream included in the deal at no extra cost.

  • Post-game interviews included, as is voiceover narration.

  • No pregame interviews or play-by-play commentary.

  • Unlimited advertising solutions, same as the Bronze Package.

  • Graphics and sponsored post-game interviews are included.

  • Multiple camera angles available upon request.

  • Filmed in SD, HD, and 4K.

Bronze Package


Raw Footage-Live Stream: $100-225

+ $50 Surcharge if using your own channel



  • Comes with a live scoreboard, power play minutes, graphics, commercial breaks, etc.

  • Can be live on any website. Twitch Live and YouTube Live included.

  • No play-by-play commentary or pre/post-game interviews.

  • Unlimited advertising solutions (picture-in-picture, split screen, and full screen commercials/graphics).

  • Multiple camera angles available upon request.

  • Filmed in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), and 4K.


"Sports Broadcast Solutions came in and 'streamed' a Broadcast, which included pre and post-game interviews with our players, professional quality Play-by-Play announcing, and color commentary.  The broadcast was complete with commercials and was in High Definition.  The High Definition film and audio was available  later for replay at my convenience."

"Sports Broadcast Solutions created a college highlight film complete with graphics and slow motion for my daughter looking to play at the next level. I'd definitely hire Sports Broadcast Solutions again!"


"That Bob guy was really pleasant and knowledgeable, and was a pleasure to listen to.  He understands the game thoroughly. If it weren't for him, I'd probably have used a more expensive and inferior competitor for our video needs."

"Kyle Smith is an excellent announcer.  He interviewed my son before the baseball game, and gave my son a thrill of a lifetime being interviewed by a true professional broadcaster."

"Just watched it...great job!!!  You do really good work!!  Thanks again not only for the finished product, but for the pleasure of working with you...would love to have you back every week."

"I wish these guys would broadcast my game next Saturday lol!"

"Mine is gonna be live on Facebook, but it won't be as cool as this!"

"Great game, thanks for broadcasting!"

"Yes, thank you!  Heck of a game!"

"Great commentary! Very informative!"

"Yes very informative commentary!"

"Great broadcast!"

"Thank you, we appreciate you being there.  It was a great night."

"I also wanted to give you and your team a big shout out for the great job everyone did this year for us.  We received lots of compliments and I'll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a broadcast company.  We'll be in touch."

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