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Sports Broadcast Solutions is a Broadcasting Network for Everyone!

Let's Get Started!

Let us know if you want us to provide a professional quality broadcast for your team for one match or for an entire season, or if you want professional quality college ready highlight films, or just raw event footage (Live or On-demand). We broadcast to YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook.


Adult Leagues

College Games/Matches/Meets

High School Games/Matches/Meets

Pre-High School Games/Matches/Meets


Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Hockey, Lacrosse, Rowing, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Volleyball, Water Polo, even School Plays and Theater.

List of Possible 1099 On-Air Personalities for Your Broadcast (More Available)

Conor Clingen, ESPN+
Mark Carman, NBC Sports Chicago
Joe Brand, WGN Radio
Jared Thomas, Big Ten Network
Kara Lentz, Big Ten Network

George Ofman, WBBM
Christopher Hrabe, St. Louis Blues
Kyle Smith, FloSports
Tim McKinney, WCIU
Genna Rose, Chicago Blackhawks

Max Thoma, ESPN+
Brendan King, ESPN Indianapolis

Seth Humeniuk, NBC-Green Bay
Lukas Moore, ESPN+



Live or On Demand


Can't make the BIG game?  Sports Broadcast Solutions can broadcast the events and upload to Social Media accounts, so you never have to miss a game!  Includes one professional broadcast quality pre-game and post-game interview from each team.

Highlight & Recruiting Videos


Looking to attract colleges?  Sports Broadcast Solutions can put together the appropriate highlight and recruiting reel to showcase your abilities.  Complete with video highlights and professional broadcast quality commentary and/or music.​


GOLD Package


All-Encompassing Play-by-Play Commentary and Color Analysis

*Can provide broadcast with Hudl AI camera at lower price.*

3-person crew $400-500

4-person crew $600-700

5-person crew $900-1,000


  • Filmed in High Definition (HD). 

  • Comes with a live score banner, timer, graphics, & commercial breaks.

  • Pre and post-game interviews included at no additional fee.

  • Can be live on any website. Twitch Live and YouTube Live included.

  • Unlimited advertising solutions.

  • Highlight Reel (ie. all goals scored) with Play-by-play commentary at no additional fee. 

  • On-air reads, scoreboard sponsorship, and pre & post-game mentions at no additional cost.

  • Multiple camera angles available upon request.

  • 4K available

+ $50 Surcharge if using your own channel

SILVER Package


Team/Player Highlight Reels: $250-350


*Can provide broadcast with Hudl AI camera at lower price.*

  • Filmed in High Definition (HD). 

  • Raw footage-live stream included in the deal at no extra cost.

  • Post-game interviews included, as is voiceover narration.

  • Unlimited advertising solutions, same as the Bronze Package.

  • On-air reads, scoreboard sponsorship, and pre & post-game mentions at no additional cost.

  • Graphics and sponsored post-game interviews are included.

  • Multiple camera angles available upon request.

  • No play-by-play commentary, color commentary, or pregame interviews.

  • 4K available

+ $50 Surcharge if using your own channel

BRONZE Package


Raw Footage-Live Stream: $100-225

*Can provide broadcast with Hudl AI camera at lower price.*

  • Filmed in High Definition (HD).

  • Comes with a live score banner, timer, power play minutes, graphics, & commercial breaks

  • Can be live on any website. Twitch Live and YouTube Live included.

  • Unlimited advertising solutions (picture-in-picture, split screen, and full screen commercials/graphics).

  • On-air reads, scoreboard sponsorship, and pre & post-game mentions at no additional cost.

  • Multiple camera angles available upon request.

  • No play-by-play commentary or pre/post-game interviews.

  • 4K Available


+ $50 Surcharge if using your own channel

All-Encompassing Play-by-Play Commentary (GOLD):

This is a Broadcast, which is the “norm” of the broadcasting industry.

  • Play-by-Play Commentary

  • Color Analysis/Commentary

  • Pre- and Post-game interviews with players from both teams.

  • Graphic scoreboard – points, clock timer, penalty minutes, etc…

  • One camera angle standard;  Multiple camera angles “available”

  • Live Stream (720p or 1080p) on YouTube @sportsbroadcastsolutions channel. Note: You likely need a Pepwave for 1080p live, but we can probably broadcast live via Ethernet, hotspot, or Verizon jetpack connection.

  • On demand (1080p) later on YouTube @sportsbroadcastsolutions channel

  • Filmed in High Definition (1080p) with 4K “available”

  • Advertising options all available, including commercials, graphics, & on-air reads.


Team/Player Highlight Reels (SILVER):

A post-production effort that showcases many of the highlights from the event.  Similar to something you might see during a Sports show after the local 6:00 p.m. news.  Typical length of the highlight reel is 3-5 minutes depending upon the highlights and the sport.  These highlight reels are perfect and highly effective for college recruiting videos!

  • Voiceover narration (Think Stuart Scott from ESPN)

  • Post-game interview snippets, which includes picture-in-picture

  • Graphics and motion graphics (i.e. player name, team name, position…)

  • Post-game interviews included

  • Optional: Combination raw footage-live + team highlight reel.

  • Excluded:  Pregame Interviews, Play-by-Play and Color Commentary.

  • Advertising options all available, including commercials and graphics.

  • One camera angle. Multiple camera angles "available."

  • Filmed in High Definition (1080p) with 4K “available”, or optionally created from the actual Livestreamed broadcast (at 720p or 1080p)

Raw Footage-Livestream (BRONZE):

Essentially just the video of the event from one camera angle, streamed over the Internet.

  • Video of the event Livestreamed over the Internet.

  • One camera angle.  Multiple camera angles “available”

  • Excludes:  Play-by-Play Commentary, Color Commentary, pre- and post-game interviews

  • Graphic scoreboard or PIP “available”, complete with timer, score, power play minutes, etc.

  • Advertising options available, including full-screen commercials, graphics, Picture-in-Picture, split screen (on-air reads not available)

  • All raw footage/livestream video is available on-demand on YouTube @sportsbroadcastsolutions.

  • We also stream live on Twitch, Facebook, and any other website.


Glossary of Sports Broadcast Solutions Terminology


Advertising Options:  Full-screen commercials, graphics, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), split screen, scoreboard sponsorship, and on-air reads


Event:  Can be a baseball game, softball game, soccer game, football game, hockey game, volleyball match, basketball game, rugby match, cross-country meet, gymnastics, swimming, tennis match, rowing, wrestling, boxing, musical, play, etc.  Sports Broadcast Solutions films events for all ages, Middle School, High School, Club events, College and Adult Leagues; both amateur and professional events.  Sports Broadcast Solutions has experience broadcasting all of those events.


Frames Per Second (FPS):  Frames create video footage. The reason why photographs are also known as "still frames" is because they only have 1 frame, AKA a non-moving file. Most live and live-to-tape broadcasts are created in 30 FPS (720p and 1080p broadcasts). 


Graphic Scoreboard (Score Banner):  Graphic scoreboard in a corner or bottom or top of the screen that displays the teams playing, the score, time remaining or the inning number, the period, quarter or half that the event is in.  Essentially a quick snapshot of where we are at any point during the contest.

Headset:  Typically a cardioid hands-free microphone that is primarily used for play-by-play commentary and color analysis.

Live:  What you see in real time.

Live Score Banner:  (same as Graphic Scoreboard)

Livestream:  The event is sent (ie. Streamed) over the Internet so people can watch the event live while it’s happening.  Typically livestreamed in High Definition (HD) but in 720p; even though the event is typically filmed in High Definition (HD) at 1080p.  Sports Broadcast Solutions typically streams on @sportsbroadcastsolutions and at 720p, but can and has also livestreamed on Facebook or Instragram. Note: You probably want to use a Pepwave or Ethernet connection to effectively livestream in 1080P.  Synonymous with Raw Footage-Livestream (RF-LS)

Lower Third:  Graphics covering the lower portion of the screen during a broadcast, usually placed in the "title-safe area."  We might say who it is we are interviewing in our Lower Thirds.


Omnidirectional:  Receiving signals from or transmitting in all directions


On-Air Reads:  The Play-by-Play and/or Color Announcer would read an advertising script for the sponsor, live and on-air between points during the event. Full screen and picture-in-picture graphics would play on screen during the on-air reads.


On Demand:  The footage that was recorded on the camera's SD card or saved and stored on the computer’s disk drive.  Sports Broadcast Solutions posts this video on YouTube so that it may be viewed after the event has finished.  ALL events that are livestreamed are available later for on-demand viewing.

Live-to-Tape:  Another name for a purely on demand broadcast. The name comes from film companies that used to have to record footage on tapes (linear editing), you know, when then dinosaurs roamed, instead of through SD cards (non-linear editing).

Overmodulation:  The red bar that you see on an audio mixer. You don't want to consistently go over -6 decibels and DEFINITELY not over 0. Overmodulation creates a kind of crackle in the person's voice.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP):  A unique form of split screen that can show anything you film live or pre-recorded in a smaller size.  A second camera is required.  A good example use of PIP is a second camera ‘trained’ on the scoreboard during the event and displayed in the corner of the screen during the event, as opposed to a graphic scoreboard. We also offer PIP comercial breaks.

Raw Footage:  Video recording of the event.  One camera angle.  No scoreboard or play-by-play or color commentary and no pre- or post-event interviews.  Typically filmed in High Definition (1080p).

Stic Microphone:  Typically an omnidirectional microphone that is primarily used for field reporting.

Video Camera:  Camcorder that takes video of your event in High Definition Video (1080p).

YouTube:  This is where we post the productions such as Broadcasts, Livestreams, Interviews, Highlight Reels and our Talk Videos.

XLR:  External Line Return - Standardized voice connection for most types of audio devices such as speakers, mixing boards, amplifiers, microphones, and other recording equipment that we use.


4K Quality:  A new aspect ratio that is currently being used by several cinematic companies. 3840x2160 pixels. Note: Some companies even film footage in 4096x2160 (1.91:1)


720p High Definition (HD) Quality: The smallest aspect ratio of High Definition (HD). The aspect ratio is 1280x720 (1280 height and 720 width). This is also referred to as 16:9.


1080p High Definition (HD) Quality: The largest aspect ratio of High Definition (HD). 1920x1080 aspect ratio. This is also referred to as 16:9.

Broadcast Roles:


Play-by-Play (PBP) Announcer/Commentator: They announce what they see in real time. In addition, the Play-by-Play announcer also uses human interest stories to keep the story of the game going.

Color Analyst/Commentator: Works with the Play-by-Play announcer to analyze “why” something happened during the event.  This broadcaster typically has significant experience having played, coached and/or refereed that event over time at a high-level.

Pre-game Host:  Prior to the event, one of the announcers will interview a player from the home team or visiting team or both for a minute or two.  This role is typically handled by the Play-by-Play Announcer, or the Color Analyst, but sometimes the Technical Director will perform this role, as well.

Post-game Host:  Just after the event, one of the announcers will interview a player from the home team or visiting team or both for a minute or two.  This role is typically handled by the Play-by-Play announcer or the Color Analyst, but sometimes the Technical Director will perform this role, as well.

Field Reporter: An engaging host that interviews players/coaches during the pregame show, halftime show, and postgame show.


Technical Director:  This role is the most important role, and is ‘behind the scenes.’  This person is responsible for the entire setup, including camera, cables, computer, videography equipment setup and microphones and audio and video setup;  plus installing, and configuring all the software required to capture and record the event, graphics, scoreboard, livestreaming configuration, and commercial breaks.  This technical director also handles and responds to chat messaging during the event.  This is a REQUIRED role for every broadcast – on-demand, livestream and/or highlight reel.


Videographer: Using a high-quality video camera, this person records video of the event.  One Videographer per camera angle is required.

Unpaid Interns or Paid Personnel: This occurs when a client pays (or doesn't pay) for a 6+ personnel telecast. The interns or paid personnel will work as a StatCrew digital live statistics logger, slow motion instant replay video editor, etc.

Expensive DSLR Video Camera & Lens or Canon Camcorder, & tripod for the Videographer.  In this case in a mobile golf cart. Fore!  Another time in a boat for rowing.  Typically in indoor or outdoor press boxes for Football, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, etc.

Omnidirectional Stic Microphone for the pre- and post-game interviews, complete with mic flag.  Headsets for play-by-play and color announcers.

Technical Director.  Easy role?  Yeah, right!  This time it's Kyle Smith, running the show for basketball, today. Multiple monitors, inputs, camera & Microphones, plus a bunch of software, graphics and scoreboards.

Play-by-Play broadcaster Josh Sperber at a Boys Hockey game.  He shoots... and SCORES!!!

Color broadcaster with stic mic; Technical Director on computer and monitors, and Play-by-Play announcer with headset (Kyle Smith).

PXL_20220902_233918067 (003).jpg

Field Reporting.

Here is Kyle Smith interviewing a High School football player before a game.

And here is Karli Bell with the postgame interview with the STAR of the High School playoff game

Karli interview.jpg
Emily Lazaravic.jpg

Field Reporter Emily Lazarevic doing a pre-game interview prior to the Fenwick Football game. 

Kara Lentz.jpg

Field Reporter Kara Lentz is interviewing the Cadets star of the game after winning the Super Sectional Playoff game.

Technical Director and Play-by-Play announcer, Kyle Smith, sets up score banner prior to the IHSA State Sweet-16 match at Burlington Central H.S., while Field Reporter Kara Lentz looks on.


Sports Broadcast Solutions videographer Chris Angela shows off his camera setup prior to a H.S. Football game.

Sports Broadcast Solutions In-game Field Reporter Emily Lasarevic poses for a photo-op prior to game time.

Sports Broadcast Solutions videographer Erik Ratchie all set up before the big basketball game starts.


Sports Broadcast Solutions Emily Lazarevic hosts a pre-game interview before a marquee Boys H.S. Football matchup.

Game headset and intermission mic sitting on the table with the lineups and stats prior to the Central States Development Hockey U16 & U18 All-Star Hockey games takes place.


This is what you see at home on your smart home TV!  OR, your out-of-town relatives see on THEIR smart home TV or computer.  Clear as a bell on your 27" or 55" TV sets!

Testimonials​  🏒⚽⚾🥎🏀🏐🏈🏉

🏀🏀🏀🏀 Sports Broadcast Solutions came in and 'streamed' a Broadcast, which included pre and post-game interviews with our players, professional quality Play-by-Play announcing, and color commentary.  The broadcast was complete with commercials and was in High Definition.  The High Definition film and audio was available  later for replay at my convenience."

🏐🏐🏐🏐 "Sports Broadcast Solutions created a college highlight film complete with graphics and slow motion for my daughter looking to play at the next level. I'd definitely hire Sports Broadcast Solutions again!"

🏀🏀🏀🏀  "That Bob guy was really pleasant and knowledgeable, and was a pleasure to listen to.  He understands the game thoroughly. If it weren't for him, I'd probably have used a more expensive and inferior competitor for our video needs."

⚾⚾⚾⚾ "Kyle Smith is an excellent announcer.  He interviewed my son before the baseball game, and gave my son a thrill of a lifetime being interviewed by a true professional broadcaster."

⚾⚾⚾⚾ "Just watched it...great job!!!  You do really good work!!  Thanks again not only for the finished product, but for the pleasure of working with you...would love to have you back every week."

🏈🏈🏈🏈 "I wish these guys would broadcast my game next Saturday lol!"

🏈🏈🏈🏈 "Mine is gonna be live on Facebook, but it won't be as cool as this!"

⚾⚾⚾⚾ "Great game, thanks for broadcasting!"

⚾⚾⚾⚾ "Yes, thank you!  Heck of a game!"

⚾⚾⚾⚾ "Great commentary! Very informative!"

⚾ "Yes very informative commentary!"

🏈🏈🏈🏈 "Great broadcast!"

🏈🏈🏈🏈 "Thank you, we appreciate you being there.  It was a great night."

🏈🏈🏈🏈 "I also wanted to give you and your team a big shout out for the great job everyone did this year for us.  We received lots of compliments and I'll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a broadcast company.  We'll be in touch."

🏒🏒🏒     "You have assembled a very good team and we are getting really good feedback on the video production.  Your crew is working hard and staying positive given the challenging situation we are facing.  The crew has worked tirelessly all week to provide some great video and they have definitely earned it." 

⚾⚾  "As always thank you for all of the hard work you and your team put in, and thank you for allowing us an opportunity to do the color commentating.  Have a great winter and we’ll hopefully see you next year."

🏈🏈🏈🏈  "I enjoyed the commentators and think they did a good job tonight."

🏈🏈🏈🏈  "I laughed out loud several times on the broadcast...", "You guys were hilarious!"

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